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Why This Mac-wired Designer Tapped the Motorola Nexus…

It’s almost too easy conjuring up an image of a stereotypical graphic designer—black-rimmed glasses, plaid shirt...

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In Defense of Bringing your Ukulele to Work

Bricks and blocks and magnetic balls have become all but essential elements of the creative work place. And, as the...

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Brian Williams and the Fog of Time

There are things that are certainly true about NBC anchor Brian Williams and what he has been near. He did ride in at...

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Live-Tweeting's Got Game

Last night, Karma, along with millions of others, turned to social media to join the conversation about #SuperBowlXLIX.

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SuperSpots 2015

No breakaways and no Danica Patrick slo-mo’s, but rather this year’s Super Bowl offered a refreshing crop...

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Putting the PR in Reporter

When I was a reporter, I never realized how much time some PR professionals would spend all huddled in a room together...

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