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What Motivates You?

Day 1 (3/10) – Sitting around the oversized table, I notice my palms begin to sweat. “Ew,” is my first thought; “Why...

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Blogging Like A Girl

Always, Procter & Gamble’s brand of feminine hygiene products, recently released its follow-up advertisement in the...

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That Doesn’t Sound Like Me

Excessive screen time is a common catalyst for many parent-child battles these days. In one recent skirmish over...

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On being careful what you wish for….

As a communications consultant you spend an inordinate amount of time wondering whether the coverage of the issue...

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From the Desk Of: Our Executive Liaison

So, I’ve been asked to choose a few items in my office that reflect some of my interests and what’s important to me...

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An Anthropologist Walks Into an Agency

We love food. It connects us, soothes us and nourishes us. But man, do we also love to hate it. This hatred creates...

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