Random Acts of Karma: Holiday Edition

Posted By Tracy Thompson on December 16, 2014

What better season to practice what we preach than the winter holidays—that time of year when nostalgia inspires giving and it gets all Hallmark Channel up in here.

We…give with our hands
We helped the chopping, slicing and serving folks of MANNA here in Philadelphia make healthful and filling meals for locals battling life-threatening illnesses. MANNA is able to uphold a miraculous three-meal-a-day, seven-day-a-week delivery regimen by the grace of its volunteers–including a Karma staffer. We also partook in 36 apple beauties from the annual Pie in the Sky sale–followed promptly by the Loosening of the Belt ritual.

Manna Pies

We…give with our hearts
The charitable agency holiday card, wherein we send the monies we otherwise would have spent on chocolatized snack towers to worthier causes. Not a new idea, true, but neither is it a tired one. This year the Doctors Without Borders effort towards the ebola crisis in western Africa and The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger will share our donation. One global, one local.



We…surprise and delight (and one-up)
Wine bottles that appear at office entrances like boozy little doorstops. Heading to the copier and returning to an unexpected chestnut praline latte. It’s the little things that keep us motoring through the end-of-year push, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to Secret-Santa one another in increasingly competitive ways, really bringing out the thunder those last few ginger-filled days.

Full Width Wine

Looking forward to still paying it forward in 2015.