From the Desk Of: An Account Executive

Posted By Holly Furman on June 19, 2015

For the second edition of ‘From the Desk of', I’m writing to you from the lower east wing at Karma, in a space surrounded by positivity, intellect & adventure. A wise man once told me ‘if you lose your laugh, you lose your footing’ so my office style is based on making myself and those around me smile.


One of the things I have in common with our Executive Liaison, Craig is the love of greenery where I work and play. Growing up in a rural (very rural) area, it’s nice to add some floriculture to remind me of home on a rainy day in Center City.

Trex shelf

You know what else is green? This shelf. Trex is one of the primary clients I support day to day, so one day I decided to put one of the many sample decking boards laying around the office to the test. Voilà! A shelf!

To-do list

My to-do list: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. It’s really in a language all its own with color coding, checks and scribbles. Highlights are the must do’s, red boxes are the don’t forget’s, and purples are personal. And then there is the occasional add-on Post-it note for spontaneous reminders. 

Karma Book Club

A cozy home for Karma Book Club books, major project binders, presentations and pictures of family and friends. 


I never want anyone to leave empty-handed, especially after they’ve made the long trek to the lower east side of the agency. It’s like a mini party favor every time you leave.

Blank space

Everywhere I turn, I find a trinket that makes me smile, from photoshopped pictures to reminders of far-away places to the never-ending office cornhole game.


It all started with a life-sized Jimmy Fallon cutout about a year ago. Since then the office has acquired many Jimmy Fallon fans showcasing their Late Night love with shot glasses, Jimmy & Justin stickers, ‘The Tonight Dough’ ice cream in the freezer and finally this Jimmy Fallon face pillow to add to the collection.


I’m constantly on the move, and when it’s nice out I prefer to bike from place to place. Once I leave the office, I’m typically off to a class, happy hour or a sports game.

Holly Furman playlists The Tonight Show in her earbuds while she highlights her to-do lists.