From the Desk Of: Our Executive Liaison

Posted By Craig Hentosh on March 27, 2015

So, I’ve been asked to choose a few items in my office that reflect some of my interests and what’s important to me. As I spend a minimum of eight hours a day, five days a week in this space, I like to be surrounded by visuals that make me feel good about being there.

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As an only child, who always wanted a brother or sister and the possibility of nephews and nieces, this guy and his brother have come to fill that void. The unconditional love they exhibit is totally rewarding.

Paris detail
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Paris map

I like to think I have a gypsy in my soul and this map reminds me of my many trips to the City of Lights. Sometimes I think I was either Parisian in a previous life or getting ready to be one in the next. It may also explain my obsession with the app Duolingo, which helps me to brush up on my French on a regular basis.


Ever since I moved into my first apartment here in Philly, I’ve felt it’s important to be surrounded by plants, (and only the living kind). That has carried over into my workspaces as well to this day. Nice to have a little bit of nature around you, whether at home or at the office.


Preferably, dark. It’s nice to have friends who think of you when traveling to Switzerland and return bearing gifts of Frigor Noir. Those little squares are the perfect accompaniment to those afternoon espressos.


If my door is closed, it’s likely because the volume is up on one of my favorites.

Not everything in my workspace is indicative of my interests, but nonetheless, reflects what an average day at the office may encompass. Some of the following may be found on or around my desk at any given time:


A stack of menus, which will help to determine just the right lunch selection for that client meeting later in the week.


I’ve either been reconciling petty cash or preparing expenses to be submitted for the next payroll.


I’ve been enlisted to assist with Karma’s internship program. This project involves organizing the information we receive, helping to sift through the resumes and scheduling the interviews. Last count we had eighty individuals looking to get their foot in our door.

Craig Hentosh is a gentleman's gentleman and did not clean up his office for this photoshoot.