Moms Know Best

Posted By Julia Beckley on May 07, 2015

The first three months is chaos. Don’t plan anything.

The truest advice I’ve ever received. Because, yes, the first three months as a new mom can very much feel like chaos. I thought back to those words of wisdom quite a few times when I was in the throes of the newborn stage with my son. I thought of it as I turned down a friend’s offer to visit. I just didn’t have the energy to put on real pants and vacuum the dust bunnies that had set up home in the corners of my living room. I thought of it as I elected to skip story time at the library. Again, the real pants issue. I thought of it as I chose to not feel guilty while I ignored plans and activities and frankly, on a lot of days, even leaving the house.

This very real advice came from a colleague and fellow mom.

There’s a heavy dose of estrogen here at Karma. Working in an office full of women has its advantages. Besides always counting on someone to notice my new shoes, the chief advantage lies in our ability to collaborate. You see, women are used to a culture of collaboration. We ask for guidance from our sisters. We offer our opinion to our girlfriends. We bounce ideas off the women we share office space with. While women are often criticized for playing “too nice” I argue that it’s this ability to play nice with others that allows us to create a collaborative work environment that can’t help but spill over into the work we do for our clients.

With collaboration comes advice giving (and getting). From the fastest way to garner participation on social media platforms to how to phrase that tricky email to where to get the best falafel sandwich in Philly.

Never was I more aware of the array of advice available in our office than when I was pregnant with my son. I didn’t need to read What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I had a whole library’s worth of information available in my colleagues. Because, not only are there a lot of women working at Karma, there are a lot of moms working at Karma. Some of the best advice I received while pregnant was during my daily decaf latte breaks in the Karma kitchen. 

Real advice from real moms was the inspiration for our recent series of videos for Main Line Health Maternity. Given all of the sound advice I received from my colleagues while pregnant, the approach certainly seemed a natural fit. Our team of Karma moms knows firsthand what it’s like when you’re about to be inducted into “Club Mom.” And with careers in the communications field we also know the importance of peer to peer—in this case, mom to mom—conversations.

View the whole campaign here.

You’ll find that most moms aren’t shy about sharing. Because motherhood? Well it gets real. Really fast. And every woman who has experienced carrying and birthing a child knows it. We know what you’re feeling as your belly gets bigger and your due date gets closer. We understand that for as much joy pregnancy and new motherhood brings, there are also times it feels overwhelming.

So our team gathered some moms together—myself included, told them to get comfortable and had them dish on what it’s like being pregnant for the first time. Even while on a set with sound equipment, lights and a camera, talking about pregnancy and becoming a mom didn’t feel far off from those quick advice sessions in the Karma kitchen. The only difference is that now I’m the one giving out the tips. I’ll gladly share what scared me while I was pregnant (that my cankles wouldn’t go away after I had the baby) or what the greatest thing about being in the hospital was (the Dove bars in the maternity wing kitchen) or how some of what I was told didn’t ring true but here is what worked for me and my family.

I’m no expert. To be honest, I don’t think any mom claims to be. But I can give you a little real and honest advice.

Julia Beckley is an Account Executive with the Karma Agency and mom.