Why This Mac-wired Designer Tapped the Motorola Nexus 6

Posted By Mike Sung Park on February 19, 2015

It’s almost too easy conjuring up an image of a stereotypical graphic designer—black-rimmed glasses, plaid shirt, tennis shoes and of course, the ubiquitous iPhone. Here at Karma, Apple products saturate both floors of the office for creative and account members alike. Almost 99% of my colleagues use iPhones, and I cannot blame them. Apple creates products that are lustworthy and beautiful to operate. So why did I end up choosing Google’s Nexus 6 Android phone? One word: Productivity.

As a tech enthusiast, my daily roundup of news consists of multiple tech blogs—Engadget, The Verge, Technobuffalo, MKBHD. You name it, I’m consuming it. And because consumer tech is not cheap, I want to be sure I’m making the right investment. So after much research, I decided to go against the norm and buy the Nexus 6. I feel obligated to describe my first impressions of this phone. ENORMOUS. GIGANTIC. COLOSSAL. This device makes my colleagues’ iPhones feel like toys. I’ve even been ridiculed multiple times for having a big-screen TV for a phone. But laugh all you want. I’m proud of it.

Nexus 6 iphone 5 comparison


What’s more impressive than the sheer size of this phablet is the introduction of Android’s latest operating system, Lollipop. It uses Google’s new Material Design language for its user interface, and it’s beautiful and very intuitive to operate. At Karma, we use the gamut of Google products for our daily tasks—Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc. The Nexus 6 just so happens to be Google’s current flagship device designed to show off its latest version of Android and its Google-product integration. My verdict? It does the job, and it does it really well. The ecosystem works seamlessly from device to desktop application. And I’m more connected and responsive to my colleagues’ needs during the work hours thus making my productivity level higher. Engadget’s review of Lollipop states, “one of Google's main goals in Lollipop was to get rid of unnecessary junk. The stuff you need should be easy to find so you can get in and get out.” It’s a win-win situation.

Some may call me an Android fanboy but the truth is that I’m a loyalist, not to a single brand, but to the progression of technology for the greater good. I chose the Nexus 6 for the same reasons I did for all of my Apple products: personal preference, productivity and the love of tech. PDFs look great, video inspiration during work sessions works like a charm and connecting with coworkers has never been easier.

Now, off to buy a Gogoro.

Mike Sung Park, a digital designer at Karma, proudly sports his Nexus 6 pocket fade with a plaid shirt and tennis shoes.