And So On: Kate & Caroline

October 21, 2019

Karma Agency recently joined LRW Group, an analytics-powered marketing services company that’s about to make us more insightful, more consequential, more…karmic.
So we asked our leaders to tell us all about it.

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Karma Agency has just been acquired by LRW Group, an analytics-powered marketing services company.
Why did you pursue this opportunity? 

Caroline: We’ve always been a strategy-led communications firm focused on driving growth, building brands and protecting reputation for our clients through creative, content and media engagement solutions. Great strategy is led by insight, so being a part of LRW Group, a top-tier research firm, strengthens our promise and our value proposition.

Kate: It was kind of love at first sight. The leadership wowed us in just the right ways — real, smart and driven to do something great with the company they are building. LRW has exceptional capabilities in data, analytics and insights that we could never build but we sure want to underpin our work. I also think they saw in our firm a very sound business, strategic marketing communications excellence and creative chops that would bring immediate value to their growth strategies.

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What are you looking forward to the most? 

Kate: Big and new. I love big thinking, big possibilities. Big results. I also love learning from new people, new opportunities to be challenged, and the chance to have fingerprints on something that is not yet what it will become. We didn’t see any company as we were exploring our next that came close to what LRW Group is doing and how they are doing it.

Caroline: This move will drive growth and change at Karma in so many ways, but one of the most exciting is how it will open up the career landscape for our talented team. We’re a smart, dedicated and imaginative bunch of people here and it’s stimulating to think about getting even better at what we do because we’re doing it with the right partners.


What have you already learned about LRW that is exciting? 

Caroline: There’s a clear vision, a growth plan that’s responding to the market and a real commitment to transparency. The idea is to gain perspective from data, develop insight through well-designed research that investigates the right questions and drive strategy and implementation based on deep human understanding. That’s a well conceived basis for communications, whether its marketing focused or reputation focused. And it’s what clients want.

So, that’s the clear vision and how it connects to market need (what clients want). Then there’s the transparency, which is more of a cultural thing because it’s a way of working. The LRW approach is optimistic, collaborative and open. Get the thinking on the table and work it out to make the best thinking. The focus is on what we’re doing and why.

Kate: Our new colleagues are smart, genuine, hardworking, good natured and expecting the same from us. 

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Tell us about LRW’s Activation Division.

Kate: Activation is the critical “bring it to life” dimension of offering clients a one-stop seamless team of experts who through collaboration can connect every dot in the marketing communications continuum with synchronization to stakeholder needs. Marketing and communications investments will be maximized with much greater impact and become transformative drivers of business goals.

Caroline: Well this goes back to driving strategy and implementation, based on insights. Activation is about delivering on the potential value of the insights through the right channels, with the right message, for the right audience. Sometimes that looks like branding. Other times that involves customer experience, or content strategy or visualization of information. The Activation Division is all about what we do with the knowledge to unleash its business value.


What will the LRW folks be surprised to learn about us?

Caroline: Well, they were pretty diligent in learning about us but as we spend more time together, there are a few things they’ll discover:
-We’re coffee connoisseurs. Not just because caffeination comes with the territory but because we just don’t do mediocre grounds when the perfect cup is possible.
-We have our subcultures. We can get comfortable with everything from pearls to teal lipstick, and from pop culture to politics. It’s not about being cool. It’s about being actively interested.

Kate: That we are fearless, feisty and fun.