February 02, 2015

Putting the PR in Reporter

When I was a reporter, I never realized how much time some PR professionals would spend all huddled in a room together brainstorming the best ways to get my attention. That’s probably because I didn’t really come across many who did a very good job of it.
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January 28, 2015

Science Journalism Should Follow the Science Not the Funding

Assume that you are speaking with a journalist about scientific research as a representative of a company that makes GMO seeds, artificial sweeteners, pesticides or any one of the thousand food-related products. A specific question will be asked and it is at that very point that you should abandon all hope that your company will be treated fairly. The question is ‘Who funded the science?’
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January 23, 2015

Social Media

Social media is probably the most powerful form of marketing the world has ever seen. It’s gone from being an unconventional medium to one of the most consistently recommended strategies that yields both business and communications achievements. The “shared” quadrant of Karma’s prolific communications touch points, social media and its potent technology helps our clients build and manage reputations, deliver on brand promises, express points of view and provide company and news updates in such a way that trust and authenticity prevail.
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January 21, 2015

Tick Tock

Just a few weekends ago, I had the most unusual experience of waking well rested and blissfully unaware of the time. For the mere moments before I dared to look at the clock, my mind raced with the possibility of the day ahead. Considering Sunday unencumbered by the passage of hours, minutes and seconds was pure joy. What I had to do and what I wanted to do seamlessly melded together leaving me ready to embrace all of it instead of parsing out the imperatives from some stolen bits of pleasure.
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January 16, 2015

A Case for Personal Media

We all heard about the recent Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. And in this age of public tragedy, social media has taken over and is the main way we connect to information. But does it help getting better information? Does it help making sense of the information? Last week, nearly 4,000 miles from my Parisian home, I found out for myself.
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January 14, 2015

What We Can Learn From: “Project Runway”

Chief among TV’s juiciest allegories is fashion’s longest-running challenge show, “Project Runway.” A show wherein designers compete with one another by sewing garments that interpret each week’s unusual face-off. It’s chock full of catfights and bleeped testimonials for sure, yet lessons unfold before us in every episode–those we can take back to our creative departments and client presentations and internal status meetings like an ethics primer.
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January 09, 2015

Now Trending: “Culture”

Every year, lexicographers at Merriam-Webster deliberate over what will be the word of the year. Sometimes it’s inspired by technology, sometimes by passing fads. Not this year. 2014’s word of the year is culture.
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January 08, 2015

A Review: Forbes Under 30 Summit

On a whim I signed up for the Forbes Under 30 Summit, which happened in Philadelphia last fall. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest, I was a bit nervous. I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m just barely under 30 and likely the only noteworthy thing I’ve created from scratch are some particularly bad homemade meals (burnt chicken anyone?). Heck, I’m not even a regular Forbes reader. Needless to say, I was intimidated.
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December 23, 2014

Nostalgia: It Works

What we know works when it comes to holiday advertising: doorbusters (flat screens, Elmo-things), mawkishness (diamonds, freeze-dried coffee) and nostalgia (gardens, malls and chemistry; see below). We chose the latter for a few campaigns this season because it doesn’t mind being modernized and it makes for terrific emotional currency.
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December 19, 2014

Early Birds Get the Media

There’s nothing natural about setting your alarm clock for 3 a.m. Yet, that is exactly what our team has done on the eve of each Black Friday for nine years. Karma serves as the public relations agency for Simon, owner and operator of our area’s top shopping destinations including the King of Prussia Mall, Montgomery Mall, Lehigh Valley Mall and the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. This year, our phones started ringing at 3:30 a.m. and we were on site shortly after to help manage the flurry of media crews that descended upon our properties.
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