Ford Haegele

Design Director

Ford is an award-winning creative director, fine artist, designer and all-around storyteller. A graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Ford has touched iconic global sports brands (read: Nike and Aeropostale), first-time restaurateurs and home products with equal enthusiasm and originality. His creative ambition led him to discover a passion for working with arts & culture brands. He rebranded Philadelphia’s iconic Franklin Institute, its storied Opera company, GPTMC's With Love Philadelphia xoxo® campaign and the 2011 PIFA / Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts Paris 1911 “A City Inspired” festival.

Ford works deftly across many categories and thrives on diverse challenges. He brings wit and whimsy to chemical industry clients, charm to financiers and data wonks, and irresistible allure to the world’s most premium decking materials. Ford has the ability to see brand design from 30,000 feet—he recognizes the problems, potential and paths to ingenuity. He pushes his team to be imaginative and interpretive, no matter the media or the tactic.

When not devising surprising visual language for clients or exploring personal art diversions, Ford enjoys being a new father and perennial storyteller. He currently has two books in the works.


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Ford Haegele

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