Heather Dougherty

Account Director

Heather earns the confidence of clients with her ability to connect the dots between business need, marketing opportunity and campaign execution. Since starting at the Karma Agency almost 14 years ago, Heather has moved up the ranks, honing account management and communication skills at every level and across many assignments including brand strategy, large-scale advertising campaigns, marketing and sales collateral and internal communications.

For over five years, Heather managed the implementation of an award-winning, multi-media campaign for a large health care client, employing brand strategy across 11 clinical service lines and myriad media tactics. As the brand grew, she played a vital part in developing and implementing communications plans that supported the expansion of the health system and introduction of innovative, new treatments.

Currently, Heather leads an account group with a very diverse set of clients, covering everything from production advertising, marketing strategy, and brand and creative development. She is as comfortable presenting to executives in the boardroom as she is running the show on set for a major television commercial. Throughout her tenure at Karma, Heather has worked on national and regional communications programs for higher education, arts and culture, retail, health care, entertainment and food clients.

Heather holds a Bachelor’s degree in communication from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She lives in South Jersey with her husband and inquisitive, playful two-year-old daughter.


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