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St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

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This pediatric hospital does some of the most important work that medicine will ever do—protect and preserve the lives of children who lack the safety and basic health environment that every child deserves.

No matter the zip code, part of the magic of pediatric medicine, we found, lives in the combination of spectacular clinical care and an unusually human spirit. Because kids in the hospital? They see the bright side. Unlike adult patients with enough knowledge and worldview to understand a dire diagnosis, kid patients see…balloons. A song their nurses sing to get an IV in. The playroom where they paint between treatments. And St. Chris makes this—joy and discovery—its primary mission, it's that restorative. So, we packaged that spirit into a bright green campaign and named it Up.

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A broadcast, out-of-home and digital campaign helped spread the word to patient families who mightn’t have considered St. Chris an option in this market, one that lives in the shadow of the number-one ranked children’s hospital in the country.

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Real-patient survival stories as well as real patients on the mend rounded out the campaign, while a landing page housed longer-form testimonial films and brought together all the resources potential parents might need from St. Chris.

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Up works in all directions
Its reputation for helping kids in the most difficult of medical situations helped St. Chris extend its clinical expertise to a broader swath of pediatric patients, namely through suburban specialty practices and the launch of the region’s first pediatric urgent care center. The tone of the campaign gave us good legs for promoting this new retail medicine setting via a big community introduction–and we chose to reach parents at the “point of scrape.”

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A hyper-local advertising and outreach campaign raised awareness of the new services, making St. Chris one of mom's nearby options for all the hours of the day and night when everything goes wrong.

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