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Frequently answered questions.

Whether you’ve got general questions, new business inquiries or you just want to talk shop, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are going to spend 2,040 hours a year working, you'd better love what you do.

How you know you'll fit at Karma

  • you can write a good, short letter
  • you operate on low drama
  • you have more questions than answers
  • you're not easily satisfied
  • you prioritize a 3 o'clock coffee

If at least four of the above apply, let's talk at

Full-time opportunities

We’re always looking for top professionals who actually give a hoot about each other, our clients and the world. Current open positions include:

Marketing Account Supervisor Senior Strategist Strategist

Internship opportunities

Karma interns fetch the cronuts as readily as they manage details, draft headlines and stalk journalists. The spots are few and the process highly competitive, so give us your best 200-word essay on why an internship at Karma would matter to you.