Issues Management

At Karma, our team of former journalists, political scientists, anthropologists and public affairs specialists make it their jobs to anticipate the issues of a complicated landscape. With the know-how to effectively navigate complex business environments, we help companies uphold value through effective stakeholder engagement designed to mitigate crises and engender reasonable outcomes.

Crisis Management

The Karma crisis team provides insightful counsel and expert communications management rooted in decades of experience with media, community, and influencer organizations. We are hands-on practitioners who not only develop finely honed strategies to preserve reputations in the most challenging circumstances, we also write and deploy the full range of tools that work across a new communications landscape.

Our Issues + Crisis team offers consistent monitoring, discovery and analysis of:

  • • trending socio-political conduct
  • • emerging news topics
  • • social media activity
  • • advocacy organization efforts
  • • shifting cultural attitudes
  • • reputational challenges

We thrive on reputational challenges; the thornier, the better.