Heather Dougherty

Managing Director

Heather earns the confidence of clients with her ability to connect the dots between business need, marketing opportunity and campaign execution. Her long tenure at the Karma Agency includes experience across public relations, brand strategy, advertising and digital marketing, and has made her an indispensable source of institutional knowledge and a deft problem solver.

Heather is trusted by clients and colleagues alike to illuminate the right path to flawless, timely execution. She has led major brand development projects, large-scale advertising campaigns, marketing and sales collateral initiatives, website redesigns and internal communications initiatives. Her dexterity and depth of prior experience make her a huge asset in new client on-boarding. She leads the definition of work scopes, designs and develops the right teams, anticipates resourcing needs and identifies the right production alliances for flawless delivery. She is the marathon runner of account leadership.

Within the scope of her current role as Managing Director, Heather oversees a talented account management group with multiple major brands in consumer goods, healthcare and higher ed. In addition, she also shepherds the contracting process for all brand marketing clients, guides project budgeting, perfects process and resource management and has a hand in talent recruitment and personnel development.


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President & CEO

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Executive Creative Director

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Senior Vice President

Heather Dougherty

Managing Director

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Group Director, Brand Growth

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