Matt Singer

Group Director, Brand Growth

Matt is a marketing specialist with experience in each area of the product lifecycle, versed in mining and translating research insights to create purposeful campaigns. His end-to-end approach allows him to facilitate digital experiences that generate and cultivate leads, deliver proven ROI and analyze results to boost performance.

With 6+ years of experience in pharmaceuticals, Matt has contributed to a variety of product launches, sharpening his marketing instinct while navigating one of the country’s most regulated industries. It’s in this span that Matt developed his digital prowess, stemming from a blend of capacity and curiosity.

Matt’s experience at Karma has seen him in a number of critical roles, building full campaigns, launching websites and picking up a small mantle of awards along the way. He brings clients a wealth of knowledge, intuition and analytic insight that can help them parse fads from trends, and numbers from results. Consumer experience is where his rubber meets the road, always asking of himself and his clients: Does it make sense for the customer?

A University of Delaware graduate and halfway-begrudging New Jersey resident, Matt spends most of his free time around Philly with his wife and his yellow lab. He considers himself surprisingly good at volleyball, and unsurprisingly bad at golf.


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