Natalie Kay

Senior Vice President

Natalie is comfortable and accomplished in all dimensions of brand communications—from earned media to advertising, from social content to influencer engagement and from website strategy to search and digital marketing—and knows that they work best when integrated and masterful.

With a natural propensity for and deep expertise in public relations and issues and crisis management, Natalie has elevated profiles and built or rebuilt reputations for brands such as DuPont™, FMC Corporation, QVC, PNC Bank, Simon Properties Group and Villanova University. She approaches every communications challenge as an opportunity to engender trust using a three-pronged rubric: strategy, content, engagement.

Natalie straddles the leadership axis serving as a visionary that generates creative and optimistic ideas complemented by her ability to think critically and methodically. She ensures that all strategies are executed succinctly and work to achieve both business and communications objectives.

As Karma’s Senior Vice President, Natalie oversees the public relations discipline and has a heavy touch on all of the accounts within the portfolio. She has led award-winning, multi-dimensional campaigns for the agency’s industry and manufacturing clients FMC and PeroxyChem and has also devised and implemented go-forward strategies for a variety of clients in financial services, higher education, health care, retail, consumer products and non-profit sectors.

Natalie is a get up before the sun rises riser. She captures life’s moments with her eyes, not through an Instagram filter. She counts the overuse of the exclamation point and the underuse of a traffic merge ‘thank you wave’ as pet peeves. And she believes that many a life lesson can be learned from The Wonder Years.


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