Tracy Thompson

Executive Creative Director

Tracy molds clear thinking with uncompromising human truths into surprising executions. Approaching every assignment with a left-brainer’s head for strategy and a right-brainer’s lust for language, Tracy successfully straddles the line between a brand’s soul and its bottom line in every project she leads.

An early career in psychology bred a storyteller’s approach that’s been her signature human voice ever since. This–coupled with a demand for clarity, wit and as many verbs as possible–has given both a conceptual and lyrical spine to every brand on the Karma docket.

Tracy built award-winning campaigns for small, large and in-house agencies before seguing simultaneously into freelancing and motherhood via an 8-pound baby girl (and then another). She created insightful advertising and editorial for national fashion and lifestyle brands, and led her team through the cutthroat retail demands at Talbots, a tenure that daily informs her approach to everything from user experience to page layout to the appeal of brevity.

Tracy’s relationship with Karma grew after cementing the brand voice for Trex and launching it over 500+ pieces of communication. She was brought on as Creative Director after a year of advertising leadership on marquee healthcare and higher education accounts–the longest job interview of her life.

Tracy delights her parents by actually having become a writer from her Elizabethtown College English degree and master’s work in psychology at LaSalle University. Her girls just think it’s cool to make cappuccino when they visit the office.


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