A Study in Serenity

Posted By Ali Doucette on November 25, 2015

Natural Lands Trust Stroud Preserve


August 2, 2015
4:30 AM

The first thing that struck me was the silence. It was the type of quiet that brings a sense of calm—immediately followed by a steady flow of thoughts that had been waiting for a moment of peace. It was unlike any other time of morning, the stillness before the world awakes, a quiet that left me to joyfully escape the loud rush that had become so second nature.

Then, it woke. And I can hardly describe how beautiful it is to witness such a thing. Being already there fully conscious of everything happening. I arrived at the park while it still slept, waiting for the colors to change, for the fog to roll in, and for each blade of dewy grass to be warmed by sunlight. This was my job, not only to be here to experience this sense of calm first hand but to document it so that it can be shared with the world.

Ali Doucette is a designer and photographer with a newfound appreciation for peace and quiet.