What Comes Round...

Posted By Adrienne Kowalski on December 02, 2015

Too often this expression has a negative association but that doesn’t have to be so. Wouldn’t it be wonderful this holiday season if we could nurture goodness by committing to finding it in our every day? That’s the premise behind our December #GoodnessGoesRound campaign we’re featuring on Karma’s Twitter and Instagram.

We’ve asked our team to tell us about the organizations that are doing good and making Greater Philadelphia a better place to live and work. They’ve shared amazing stories of non-profits serving up good in so many ways, every day, all year long. There’s Green Street Rescue sheltering then finding new homes for dogs and cats. In North Philadelphia Mighty Writers helps students think and write clearly. And groups like MANNA are combating the most basic of needs—providing nutrition to our neighbors with serious health concerns.

Karma Pie

Many of these nonprofits are close to our hearts because we contribute our time and talent to their causes. In some instances, friends or family have been touched by their goodness. All month long we’ll be talking about them on our social channels. Karma will also recognize each by making a contribution to these organizations this holiday.

You can help spread #GoodnessGoesRound by checking out our posts and sharing what you like with your own community.

Here’s hoping you will turn to a stranger and say Happy Holidays.