Why a Global Brand Needs a Smallish Shop

Posted By Holly Furman on November 19, 2015

There are advantages to being small, and I’m not just talking about my 5’2” stature still helping me pass as a college student. In advertising, more times than not, the big players make the big news, but at Karma I see the small things creating the biggest impact in our collaborations with global brands like Nike.

A few weeks ago, a senior designer and I flew from Philadelphia to Nike's headquarters of 9,000+ people in Portland, Oregon. At first glance the contrast in size was quite overwhelming, but as we began collaborating with the team, the two of us felt right at home knowing our working style at Karma is so compatible with the Nike Emerging Markets (EM) team’s efforts. The Nike EM team is responsible for bringing the latest Nike products to consumers across the world, in places like Southeast Asia & Latin America. Our role? We support these product launches year round with robust digital campaign assets that lead consumers through the online purchase journey, from inspiring homepage banners to detailed ecommerce resources.

It’s exciting to see Nike value Karma's working style for so many reasons, even with the quite apparent size difference and distance.

Compact style
Each season our team produces 5-10 digital campaign toolkits and educational resources for implementation across multiple territories in 5 continents. The Karma team that works with Nike EM understands the ins-and-outs of Nike product technology, brand style and project work that occur season to season. Instead of the revolving door of junior designers you might find elsewhere, Karma has a tight, dedicated team of designers who continually apply their Nike knowledge from one project to the next. Not to mention, our clients know and trust the team well enough to call us each by name.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Thanks to a diligent creative services manager and a productive account / creative team partnership, Karma has mastered the process of getting projects into the works and out the door on time and in style. We understand brands like Nike have in-depth review & approval processes, so we never hold that up. We’re quick to adapt and always up for new challenges. 

Size of the athlete in the fight
Nike defines an athlete as “if you have a body you are an athlete”. Our team is full of strategic & creative athletes that push boundaries every day. For Karma, it’s not the size of the athlete in the fight but the size of the fight in the athlete; or as I like to call it, passion. Being a 45-person agency, we’re close-knit enough to pass along inspiration, connect the dots and seize vital opportunities when we see them. (Even if that shared inspiration consists of more new shoe purchases and FC Barcelona photos than we’re willing to admit.)

Nike Karma infographic

Holly Furman is an account executive who rocks heels in the office and fresh Nikes on the weekend.