A Summer Challenge Fit for an Agency

Posted By Karma Agency on September 28, 2016

With a name like Karma, we make it our job to send out positive vibes to the universe and hope that they will boomerang right back. This summer was no different but our good intent and good deed focused on a special audience this time around – ourselves.  For 10 weeks during the hot and humid, happy and freeing season of the year, we endured the agency's first ever #beyourbestself summer health challenge.

It wasn’t your grueling push-a-300 lb. tire-up-a-hill fitness challenge (although we admire anyone that can do that). It was more about making conscious decisions to do things that better our mind, spirit and body whether it be a gym workout, a stroll around the block, a healthy meal, mindfulness, a hike up 15 flights of stairs or just 10 deliberate minutes without any technology.

The office was abuzz with adrenaline, camaraderie, motivation and fierce competition [read: slight smack talking]. After all, the prize was a wrist accessory that instantly turns one into James or Jane Bond.

Once the dust had settled and the score tallied, we asked Karmites what they thought it meant to be their best self. Their answers were as unique as the community this challenge created within our four walls.

Rule 1

Be humble, selfless and always kind. Take time to listen. Balance work with your real life.

A belief that every day brings tremendous possibility—a chance to live more fully, to love more deeply, to seek the best in others and to learn something new.

Work hard. Play hard. Finish the day off with rosé.

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Rule 2

Making your health and happiness a priority and putting in the time and effort to improve yourself.

Finding ways to continually challenge yourself both mentally and physically to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Being my best self allows me to give my best to others.

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Rule 3

To be a better me. To not just try but do. To smile and not let the little things get me down.

Being mindful of my habits (the good and the bad) and striving to make little improvements a little at a time.


I always associate it with fitness. But it could also be, mental, spiritual, social, etc.


And the winner is…digital designer Shaun Crump bested the rest of the competitors. And with the amount of points he racked up, we’re pretty sure he bench-pressed cars during his lunch break.