And So On: The Karma Interview

Posted By Kristen Conner & Shaun Crump on June 21, 2016

At Karma we can finish each other's sentences, but we never run out of questions which is why we paired two colleagues from separate departments and challenged them to an interview. We wanted to learn more about them, their jobs, their hobbies and what makes them tick.

What’s your role at Karma?
kristen conner: I am an Account Director.
shaun crump: I’m a Digital Designer.

What’s your biggest media guilty pleasure?
shaun: I watch a lot of Youtube.
kristen: Anything on Youtube?
shaun: Particularly, I watch a lot of people play videogames with their commentary.
kristen: Do you play video games?
shaun: Yes, it’s actually that I don’t have time to play, so I just watch others play while I do other things like clean or work.
kristen: Mine would probably be that I love animal videos. If it has a cute animal in it, I will probably watch it…as well as anything that says ‘recommended’ afterwards.
shaun: I’m a strong believer that if you have an animal or a baby than you’ve won the internet.  

How do you know when your work is done?
shaun: It’s never done.
kristen: That was my answer too!
shaun: That’s kind of the rule of design—you’re never done. The deadline comes before you’re done.
kristen: Yeah, kind of the same thing, especially from an account management perspective. My job shouldn’t be done—I should always be looking for new opportunities and figuring out how to build on the strategies after we’ve already executed on everything that we said we would. 

What is your best happy hour strategy?
shaun: I guess my strategy is usually to get as many deals as I can before happy hour is over. No appetizers at happy hour—I’m not the person who likes to eat at happy hour, because we got drinking to do.
kristen: Mine is probably the opposite. I want the expensive glass of red wine. But my biggest strategy is the Irish Goodbye; trying to say goodbye to people without getting noticed.
shaun: I’m the guy who wants everyone to stay; I never want to leave happy hour.

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Taylor Swift or Beyoncé?
shaun: *long pause* I’m a big Jay-Z fan, but I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift right now; her last album was so good! But, in the long run, I’m going to have to go with Beyoncé.
kristen: I’d pick them both. Out of all our presidential candidates, it’s Bey and Tay for 2016.

List 3 blogs that you read.
shaun: I recently got into a blog called HYPEBEAST, which shows popular things in fashion and culture. So it posts collections of Young x Reckless lookbooks, or if Nike comes out with a new shoe that’s hot, etc. I’m also always on design blogs like Brand New by UnderConsideration; they always post when companies or brands rebrand. And lastly…does or Instagram count as a blog?
kristen:  I follow a lot, a lot, of fashion blogs; Refinery29, which is kind of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, major headlines and pop culture. The next one I don’t think is really a blog, but it’s called the Skimm. It actually emails you top world news headlines in email form. It takes 10 minutes to read so you know what’s going on, and then they kind of dumb it down in layman’s terms so anyone can understand it.  And last would be Apartment Therapy. I love decorating and getting ideas so I read that a lot.
shaun: I always want to decorate my apartment, but I have conflicting styles. Super sleek modern and industrial, so it’s hard to find the balance between the two.
kristen: I agree! I like really eclectic & then really white and sleek designs. Every room in my house is really different based on my mood or a style I like, so I can never choose.

What kind of dog do you have?
shaun: An Australian shepherd, the cutest dog in the world.
kristen: Not as cute as my dog.
shaun: No, my dog’s the cutest.
kristen: I’ll show you my dog, she’s very cute. She has three legs. 


Kristen Conner forgot to mention she wishes she could spend a day as Julia Roberts while Shaun Crump has his sights on inviting Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to dinner tonight.

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