Behind the Scenes: From Lumber Aisle to Designer Studio

Posted By Ali Doucette & Holly Furman on April 26, 2016

After more than 20 years in market, Trex decking has become the leader of the lumber aisle known for its green footprint, durable yet easy construction and a long-lasting lifestyle.

But as outdoor living trends continue to merge with interior design aesthetics, it was time to give Trex the nudge it deserved into the designing spotlight, metaphorically (and literally) miles away from that dusty aisle way in the back. With Trex’s recently expanded portfolio of decking colors, railing styles and accessories, a consumer’s choice no longer relies on durability alone but instead on personal style, leading the way for Trex to establish their design authority as a true tastemaker.

So, by joining forces with the Trex product design team, we tossed the standards out the back door and helped create a new way to think about the backyard: by capturing every beautiful inch of 17 brand-new Trex Looks in a multi-day photo shoot complete with decking, railing and styling galore. And, if you’ll indulge us in a little bit of humor; it was literally all hands on deck.

- Arrive at the studio and load in 1,936 linear feet of decking, 168 feet of 14 different railings, and two 15-foot trucks worth of props with a team of eight people


5:30PM - Begin cleaning deck boards and organizing props


6:30PM - Finish up Day 1 with more than half of our 2,400 sq ft studio space full of materials to work with

7:45AM - Set up the first deck, add the railing, hang our backdrop and give it another wipe down—building the foundation for all the shots to come


9:30AM - Set up all the lighting to create a realistic outdoor glow and make our railing pop

Spacer 1
9:30AM 2

11:30AM - And then comes the styling crew


12:00PM - Look one, done


12:15PM - Review, adjust, approve


12:30PM - And repeat 16 more times

Spacer 2

8:30PM - Wrap Shoot Day 1, successfully completing 18 shots of 9 looks for 3 different decking colors


7:45AM - Repeat the process for 16 more shots of 8 looks on 5 different decking colors, and then some

7:45AM Day 2

9:30PM - Wrap Day 3, pack up all 9,680 lbs of decking, 168 ft of railing and both trucks of props, then head home

Holly, Account Executive & amateur astrologist: “...I want to be sitting in this scene when I come home from work every day...”


Ali, Designer & nature lover: “...Fur blanket, lounge chair, greenery, roaring fire—what more could you want?”

Ali image

Whether you’re looking to daydream or planning your outdoor escape, see all the decking & railing looks come to life at