Karma Plays Nike Air Max Day 2016

Posted By Holly Furman & Jordan Washington on March 23, 2016

Air Max Day is all about celebrating the revolutionary designers behind the iconic Air Max while making way for the ingenuity and creativity of the fans who support it. This year, Nike has invited celebrities, athletes and consumers alike to stretch their creative muscles and expand upon the iconic Air Max design using NIKEiD technology.

Our Karma team is no stranger to drawing inspiration from Nike’s most creative minds as we help transform their product launches into original digital campaigns for emerging market audiences. In celebration of Air Max Day, we invited our in-house designers and account managers to do the very same, creating original Air Max designs and tapping into their own personalized style.


“I channeled my inner Tinker Hatfield to create a pair of Air Maxes that would inspire me to step into a bright & bold lifestyle.”

Air Max 1 T ID designed by Holly Furman, Account Executive


“What I love most about this design are the bold colors. There’s no way anyone could miss me in the gym or on an outdoor run with these things on!”

Air Max 2014 Flyknit Mark designed by Jordan Washington, Public Relations Contractor


“I call these the Karma Kicks. New official Karma Agency shoe?”

Nike Air Max 90 designed by Stephen Chase, Digital Research Specialist


“Going to the gym is my "me time". I ignore my phone, forget about work and zone out. It's mentally refreshing. I often work out in the morning, and I'll admit getting out of bed is hard when the alarm goes off, but there is something about throwing on a bright pair of sneakers that helps jump start the day...especially a rainy day. It's also great to be on the treadmill, look down when you feel like you can't go another mile and a pop of color gives you that last burst of energy. This is the thought that went into my design: two colors I adore (pink & turquoise ... #basic) that will make me happy and keep me running - pun intended.”

Nike Air Max Thea designed by Kyle McDonough, Senior Account Executive


“The Millennial is inspired by all the crap non-millennials give our generation. I imagine this would be the shoe a non-millennial would make if they were asked what a Millennial would put on their shoe.”

Nike Air Max 1 designed by Matt Singer, Account Supervisor


“These have just as much sass as I do.”

Nike Air Max Thea Jacquard designed by Kara Maxwell, Account Executive


“I went for the contrast top to bottom, lighter on the top darker on the bottom—this way they can stay looking fresh and clean even after lots of outdoor wear & tear.”

Nike Air Max 90 designed by Ali Doucette, Designer


“I call these Neon Lights. Inspired from "Jungle" by X Ambassadors, which is a totally hype song and also happens to be the Philadelphia Union soccer team's opening song before they come out onto the field. The colors are loosely inspired by the Philadelphia Union and also lines from the song.”

Nike Air Max 1 designed by Kelsey Veurink, Graphic Design Intern


“I enjoy a Thin Mint or two...or a case full. Need I say more?”

Nike Air Max 1 designed by Lindsay Martinez, Account Executive


“I call these... the BarraCUDAs.”

Air Max 1 designed by Aryann Cuda, Assistant Account Executive


“I usually opt for the bright neon running shoes (everyone can always spot me in a race), but this time I went for the black base which allowed me to add the fun metallic textures with, of course, a pop of bright pink!”

Nike Air Max Lunar1 Essential designed by Lucy Debevec, Production Artist


“I call them..Sour Patch Kicks. Nuthin’ to be shy about when it comes to fitness.“

Nike Air Max 2014 Flyknit M designed by Tracy Thompson, Creative Director


"I don't like to work out but these Nike's just might make me hit the gym!"

Air Max 1 designed by Mike Park, Senior Designer


Wabi Sabi—imperfection is perfection.

Air Max Tava ID designed by Ford Haegele, Creative Director