And So On: Paige & Julia

Posted By Karma Agecy on October 10, 2018

At Karma we can finish each other's sentences, but we never run out of questions—which is why we paired two colleagues from separate departments and challenged them to an interview.

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What is your role at Karma?

Julia: I'm an account supervisor. I support the PR team, but most of my accounts are what we call integrated; meaning, they have a creative component to them.

Paige: I am a writer.


How long have you worked here?

Julia: Seven years. Seven-ish years.

Paige: And that's funny because I think I'm at seven-ish months.

Julia: Oh, match made in heaven.

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What makes for a successful team?

Paige: I'd say, two things: communication and empathy. You need to understand what your teammates are going through and how every piece of the project affects one another's roles. And, you know, you can't have that empathy without communication. You have to be honest with each other and be available to listen.

Julia: I was going to say collaboration. Recognizing that everybody has something good to bring to the table. And that ideas don't need to be siloed. It's a good idea regardless of who it comes from and working together and bouncing ideas off of each other is ultimately what makes for a good team and good work.


What made you choose this profession?

Julia: My career path has not been very linear. I majored in public relations but then did not do anything with it for a good amount of time. Soon I decided my brain was turning to mush, and I needed more of a challenge, and that I should go back to what I originally had an interest in. I reached out to somebody here at Karma, and the rest is history.

Paige: I like to say that I'm a thespian without any of the theatrical talent. I want to be able to use my imagination and play pretend—that was always a big thing when I was little. And being in a creative field, that's something that you can continue to do as an adult. Stay childlike and try on different brand voices, which I love.


What were you like in high school?

Paige: I was so nerdy. It's ridiculous. I was a band groupie. Not like rock and roll, garage band groupie, like marching band. I didn't play an instrument; that’s the best part. I just hung out and was, like, part roadie sometimes.

Julia: Too funny. I went to a really big high school. There were 600 people in my graduating class. In that sense, it was kinda easy to hide. I had a good high school experience, I had a great group of girlfriends, but I wouldn't say that I was...popular? I was in the middle. You know, I wasn't bullied, I don't think anybody would consider me a nerd. A little shy. I was on the yearbook staff so that's a little nerdy.

Paige: Oh my gosh, I was too! I was the executive editor.

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Top three blogs / podcasts?

Paige: I probably listen to more podcasts than I read blogs. I'd say “Pod Save the People.” It's a podcast about news that's not necessarily on mainstream networks and has a social justice angle. “My Favorite Murder,” which Kayla [designer] actually introduced me to. Chloe [design intern] just showed me “99% Invisible,” which talks about the parts of design that we often don't think about. I was just listening about the construction of San Francisco's Chinatown.

Julia: So maybe I'm showing my age. I have never gotten into podcasts, not because I haven't wanted to, I just haven't for some reason. But I do read blogs. My daily reads include A Cup of Jo, which is a lifestyle blog that I’ve followed for years. She covers everything from design, to family, to motherhood. I also like food blogs, although I'm not a huge cook, but I like to look at the possibilities. Bev Cooks is a good food blog with fairly easy recipes to follow. I like Say Yes, which is another lifestyle blog by a mother out in San Francisco. I hope this isn’t cheating, but a fourth is a blog called Love Taza, which I've followed for a long time. It's a family blog. It's this mom and her husband and they have five kids in New York City.

Paige: Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Maybe about motherhood and fashion. You have fabulous ensembles.

Julia: Why thank you!

Paige: I admire them every day.

Julia: I admire yours as well. And your bright lipsticks that I could not pull off. Yeah, I appreciate that about you. Because it's your personality shining through, right? That's what fashion is, and that's what's nice, that everybody here at Karma is a little bit different.