A Creative Intern’s Survival Guide to Karma

Posted By Karma Agency on June 07, 2019

At Karma, creative potential becomes kinetic—take it from our W/S ’19 design interns Jenna L. and Niamh M. Before sending them off, we sat down to discuss their five-month internship.

Describe an obstacle you had as an intern and how you overcame it.

Jenna: Learning how to properly schedule out my work. When I was busy and juggling multiple projects, I struggled with wanting to complete them all at once. I had to sit down and realize what was due, and when, in order to effectively finish everything on time.


Niamh: Preparing a file for handoff to production. I had to learn how to efficiently set up my files so that when production stepped in, they weren’t faced with disorganization. But it’s all part of collaborating—it helps the team work better.

Name three personal traits that you think were important to your success at Karma.


Jenna: Conscientious. I am very mindful of the details and always aim to achieve a high level of work.

Efficient. Once I put my head down, I think I can get a lot done quickly.

Punctual. I try to manage my projects and stay on top of everything in a timely manner. 


Niamh: Adaptable. The life of an intern is never boring, and you do different things every day—sometimes within the same day. I’m able to switch gears as needed, so it’s been helpful when my projects can be anything from cut paper social art to digital assets.

Go-getter. I make a point to ask to participate in things that interest me, and it’s afforded me some insight into projects I would have otherwise never touched as well as the ability to talk to people I wouldn’t normally see.

Introverted. Being quiet isn’t normally seen as a good thing, but it makes me a better listener. I absorb as much as I can from this experience, like a little sponge. When I do say or contribute something, there’s a 100% chance I’ve put a lot of thought into it. And for an agency as conscious and deliberate as Karma, that thoughtfulness is absolutely a benefit.

Any advice for future interns?

Jenna: Take initiative. Ask questions. There are so many moving parts of a project in an agency in addition to the piece you’re designing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and it helps you avoid bigger problems down the road!

Niamh: Little things matter. Be on time, be prepared, ask questions, take notes, be up for any project—from doing milk runs to stepping in on a key art illustration.


Think you have the chops to be our next intern? Send your resume and portfolio to creativeintern@karmaagency.com