And So On: Ford & Kristen

Posted By Karma Agency on March 27, 2019

At Karma we can finish each other's sentences, but we never run out of questions—which is why we paired two colleagues from separate departments and challenged them to an interview.

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What is your role at Karma?

Ford: I was a creative director for many years, and now I am in a new role as design director. I'm taking a broader look at all the beautiful and smart design our team is producing for clients while keeping Karma's brand in shape as well. Basically, I wear a bunch of different hats that all tie back to visual storytelling.

Kristen: You do wear a lot of hats, and you're great at them. How long have you been at Karma?

Ford: This is my ninth year. How about you?

Kristen: I am an assistant account executive and have been at Karma for eight months. I work with clients across a variety of different industries, like apparel, outdoor living and financial services. I help support clients across various platforms and I get to work with the creative team quite a bit, which is an exciting part of the job.

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Which project or accomplishment are you most proud of?

Ford: Probably our work for Opera Philadelphia. When they first came to us, they were trying to pave the way for the future of opera, and needed their brand to help with that cause. It was an awesome challenge, and I really didn't know much about opera prior to working on it. Illustration was my way to bringing these operas to life through vibrance and youthfulness. Over the years, our work for Opera Philadelphia has opened the door to other awesome opportunities with arts and cultural organizations, and has been a draw for new talent coming into the agency.

Kristen: I work on Trex Social, and we planned an entire social campaign in one day for the Super Bowl. It was an exciting project for me because I feel like that was a taste of a new part of agency life, where a client comes to you wanting a comprehensive plan in a matter of hours. So many people and departments came together to make this all happen across the agency. It was one of those really thrilling moments and an opportunity to really show impact.


What would be your walk in song every time you enter a room?

Ford: From a young age, I've liked Prince. He is an amazing artist. I bleed purple. So, Purple Rain probably. It can be aggressive, it can be soft, it can be quiet.

Kristen: I knew you were going to say Prince. For me, I feel like I'm always dancing or jamming out a little bit. So it needs to be something that gets everyone, no matter who you are, up and bobbing your head, at least. So this is where I'm at: Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Ford: Whoa, okay. I can totally see that. I remember when you first started working here, I was like, ‘She's a ball of energy.’ People need to tap into that and figure out what that's all about. Because it’s contagious.

Kristen: Thank you!

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What’s the greatest invention of all time?

Kristen: Karaoke.

Ford: Paper.


What character in a movie or TV show are you most similar to?

Ford: Wall-E. He collects things, he's sentimental, he's a hard worker, he's tiny but has a huge, mechanical heart, he's a loyal friend, he's goofy, he gets charged by the sun, he loves good music and film, and he wants nothing more than to experience love and to witness love unfold around him.

Kristen: For me, I have certain qualities of Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. She's super competitive but also cares a lot and she's quirky. She's a nut job, but she's also a big nerd at the end of the day and I feel like that's very much me.


What advice would you give someone to succeed at Karma?

Ford: Those who succeed at Karma are go-getters. People who are at the front of the classroom, paying attention, wanting to be involved and be part of the process. Plus, they want to work with all the great minds around them. There are really talented people here that really care about what they do and have a lot of focus and a lot of drive.

Kristen: Totally. People at Karma have a point of view. I think it's really important that not only do we do a great job, that we also have a stance on how it's done and why we did what we did.