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7 Months Wiser: The Great WFH Shift

Posted By Karma Agency on August 31, 2020

Gone are the days of podcast listening on the morning commute and habitual 2 o’clock coffee runs. Today, as we enter month seven of a who-knows-how-long stint in remote work, many have been struggling to fit square pegs (our former office routines) into round holes (our current at-home environments). As a recent New York Times article suggests, maybe that’s because we’re not meant to. Turns out, organizations that explore fresh, “remote together” rituals are finding more productivity than those that aren’t.

With all of that in mind, we asked our teams the question: as you continue to adapt from downtown office to WFH, what routines have you reinvented? 


Amy  (image)


#1: Up your vitamin D


“I find myself moving around inside and out to maximize my sun quotient. Taking a break at least once a day to soak up the natural light is majorly contributing to my happiness.”

— Amy Muntz, Strategist


Craig (image)


#2: Explore your inner artist


“I decided to get back into drawing. It’s an outlet that will keep my creative juices flowing until I'm able to channel those energies back into our workspace.”

— Craig Hentosh, Executive Liaison


Chris (image)


#3: Make morning time family time


“I go on a hike or walk with my wife and son every morning. It beats commuting to work and it’s great exercise for working off the quarantine 15 we gained these last few months. The kid is clearly still working on his gains.”

— Chris Beck, Art Director 


Hafsa (image)


#4: Prioritize your zen


“I've been carving out a few minutes to practice meditation every morning, which has helped to improve my overall well-being and my ability to stay productive and focused.”

— Hafsa Mulla, Account Executive   


Lucy (image)


#5: Find your fresh air


“With work, play and relaxation blurring together in one living space, my puppy, Winnie, is the routine that keeps me sane. I used to take a loop around the office when I needed a quick break or felt uninspired. Now, I take Winnie around the block.”

— Lucy Debevec, Creative Services Manager


Lauren (image)


#6: Switch up your space


“I’ve given up on the idea that a desk and office chair make for the ultimate work environment. A little fresh air, sunshine and a city view are just the change of scenery I need these days to stay productive.”  

— Lauren Zimmerman, Assistant Account Executive