May 07, 2015

Moms Know Best

The first three months is chaos. Don’t plan anything. The truest advice I’ve ever received. Because, yes, the first three months as a new mom can very much feel like chaos. I thought back to those words of wisdom quite a few times when I was in the throes of the newborn stage with my son. I thought of it as I turned down a friend’s offer to visit. I just didn’t have the energy to put on real pants and vacuum the dust bunnies that had set up home in the corners of my living room. I thought of it as I elected to skip story time at the library. Again, the real pants issue. I thought of it as I chose to not feel guilty while I ignored plans and activities and frankly, on a lot of days, even leaving the house.
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April 29, 2015

What Motivates You?

Day 1 (3/10) – Sitting around the oversized table, I notice my palms begin to sweat. “Ew,” is my first thought; “Why am I so overly nervous?” is my second. Nearly three months ago, I decided to volunteer as a Sponsor-A-Scholar Mentor at Philadelphia Futures. Having already completed the “new member process,” (including but not limited to screening interviews and orientation) today was the first day I’d meet my 15-year-old mentee, along with her family, who I’d continue to mentor throughout the next four years of high school. Not only would this be the day I form a long-lasting, influential relationship, but also, it would mark the first time I ever committed to something of this magnitude. No pressure.
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April 21, 2015

Blogging Like A Girl

Always, Procter & Gamble’s brand of feminine hygiene products, recently released its follow-up advertisement in the “Like a Girl” campaign - transforming the saying traditionally recognized as an insult to mean something positive. The digital initiative launched last June and was touted as a social experiment, asking girls everywhere to share pictures and stories of activities they perform like a girl and, thereby, flipping the sentiment into a confident expression of what girls can do in a way that is unique to them and not just because they are girls. Eventually this effort evolved into print and TV advertisements, with the first ad running before 110 million viewers during a coveted Super Bowl slot.
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April 14, 2015

That Doesn’t Sound Like Me

Excessive screen time is a common catalyst for many parent-child battles these days. In one recent skirmish over continuous messaging with a friend, I wrestled the iPad from the hands of my 8-year-old and hastily typed a retort. “No, Bridget. I may not play ‘guess the emoji game’ with you again. It is our dinnertime. I must spend time with my family.” My daughter was at once dismayed and humored. “Mom, I can’t believe you did that,” she said. And, I would NEVER speak like that. You do not sound like me.” Aaah. She said it. And it was true.
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March 31, 2015

On being careful what you wish for….

As a communications consultant you spend an inordinate amount of time wondering whether the coverage of the issue you’re paid to manage will be fair, accurate or widely consumed by the audiences that mean most to you.
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March 27, 2015

From the Desk Of: Our Executive Liaison

So, I’ve been asked to choose a few items in my office that reflect some of my interests and what’s important to me. As I spend a minimum of eight hours a day, five days a week in this space, I like to be surrounded by visuals that make me feel good about being there.
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March 20, 2015

An Anthropologist Walks Into an Agency

We love food. It connects us, soothes us and nourishes us. But man, do we also love to hate it. This hatred creates complex situations for governments, corporations, consumers, farmers, manufacturers and regulators. For scores of issues management folks, marketers and PR types, food keeps us engaged in, well, not solving world hunger, but otherwise working at cracking some pretty big nuts. As an anthropologist and PR practitioner, I share in this effort from a standpoint that yields insight on stakeholder perspective, messaging nuance and the larger strategy.
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March 05, 2015

And So On: The Karma Interview

At Karma we can finish each other's sentences, but we never run out of questions which is why we paired two colleagues from separate departments and challenged them to an interview. We wanted to learn more about them, their jobs, their hobbies and what makes them tick.
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February 19, 2015

Why This Mac-wired Designer Tapped the Motorola Nexus 6

It’s almost too easy conjuring up an image of a stereotypical graphic designer—black-rimmed glasses, plaid shirt, tennis shoes and of course, the ubiquitous iPhone. Here at Karma, Apple products saturate both floors of the office for creative and account members alike. Almost 99% of my colleagues use iPhones, and I cannot blame them. Apple creates products that are lustworthy and beautiful to operate. So why did I end up choosing Google’s Nexus 6 Android phone? One word: Productivity.
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February 12, 2015

In Defense of Bringing your Ukulele to Work

Bricks and blocks and magnetic balls have become all but essential elements of the creative work place. And, as the proud owner of a motley collection of desktop figurines, I freely admit that toys of any sort are wonderful tools for daydreaming, encouraging playful new ideas and inciting outside perspectives. But I think it’s time we introduced a new, more pluckable paperweight to office culture. One that allows its player to explore more than sight, touch and spatiality, but time, tone and tambour too. Enter that chief of happy instruments: the ukulele.
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