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Chemical Heritage Foundation

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One thing we know is true: fewer girls than boys in America find themselves on the path to STEM careers. 

A second fact: sometimes video speaks louder than teachers. Our client came to us with an idea—along with a formidable Rolodex and a generous grant from The Sloan Foundation.

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The result: eight short documentary films about eight first-mover chemists–all women– built to influence middle school science curricula across the country. We promoted with a poster campaign and designed the landing page to house the films and other archival content the Chemical Heritage Foundation owned on each of our chemists. 

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We also took advantage of it being the International Year of Chemistry to leverage this otherwise unfriendly subject by promoting the value of chemistry in everyday life, from weather to cooking to romance. This yielded television segments across all major networks. 

The Catalyst Series demonstrated new passion possibilities for interested kids and inspired our team to take a page from these successful ladies’ playbooks.

Case in point: professional mothers pulling all-nighters is not the current generation’s having-it-all burden. Just ask Mary Good PhD, who raised her kids every afternoon then sat down to write journal articles until the wee hours every night.



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