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Curtis Institute of Music

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The Curtis Institute is the finest music conservatory in the world.

Its storied history of developing the most talented musicians for performance careers at the very highest level can be seen in the many world-famous artists it has produced, as well as in the many major orchestras that have Curtis graduates among their section chairs. It is very, very difficult to get in and only the most gifted musicians in the world gain a place.

Curtis is revered among the cognoscenti who recognize its great standing in the world of music. Its public image, however, has been shrouded in mystery. Our job was to bring the brand language up to the standards of a truly world-class institution and open Curtis to the world.

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A brand family

From photography to brand language and tone and every touchpoint of execution, we transformed the communications to reflect Curtis’ artistic values and the kinetic energy of great performance. The canvas also included a family of programmatic sub-brands which we thoughtfully related to each other through visual and typographic language.

A brand family
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Collateral and fundraising

A new language for Curtis harmonized beautifully with their music making. From new members acquisition to the presentation of individual performances and fundraising campaign materials, we continue to build the story.

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Curtis 90th Seal

Beautiful and authentic musical experiences deserve a unique voice

As Curtis enters its 90th year, we evolve the communications palette together across event materials, gala collateral and many other touch points. Reflecting the ephemeral and dynamic nature of performance itself—the body of creative assets are perpetually renewed with new content, new visual concepts and fresh design ideas. Always Curtis. Never the same.

Curtis Gala
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