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Longwood Gardens

LWG Hero

86 new acres of colorful, native wildflowers, meandering trails, bridges and pavilions, the Meadow Garden is a new reason to visit Longwood, a place most Philadelphians and their suburban neighbors think they already know.


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LWG brand art

The perfect juxtaposition.
A grand opening without the noise. Busy city transit stops designed to erase the built world and let in the Meadow.

LWG 4 image set
LWG 4 image set
LWG 4 image set
LWG 4 image set

We brought the majesty and tranquil communion of the Meadow to life with a single sweeping shot using a camera on a zip line. 

LWG headline moment

Digital display brought a bumblebee’s POV to your laptop screen and radio became a perfect medium for the voice of the Meadow. 

LWG banner ad 1
LWG banner ad 2