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Opera Philadelphia

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Riding the momentum of a transformation plan, Opera Philadelphia reflects its growing artistic and creative stature throughout all brand communications.

Opera enthralls us because its musical stories are part of the common language that's so much a part of life: love, anguish, joy, tragedy. From the ridiculous to the sublime, opera's bold voice reveals and celebrates the human spirit.

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Every production is its own work of art.
Philadelphia's opera company needed a language for communications that lives at the nexus of intimacy and scale, one that reflects the city that lives in us and makes vivid its curatorial ethos. From identity to narrative voice, and from ticket sales to fundraising, Karma gave the opera a new song.

Embracing a lush and varied illustration style, every season is a renewal and every opera gets a unique visual narrative.

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The online environment demands a masterpiece worthy of opera's dramatic and sensory notes. Now the productions, the learning programs and the life of Opera Philadelphia in the city it calls home, come alive on the web.

Only with the skill, strategy and wisdom of our frequent collaborators Blix Interactive, could Opera Philadelphia's online ambitions be realized.

Opera Philadelphia Website

A Canvas for Imagination. A Clarion Voice.
As a body of work amasses, past seasons become the predicate for the developing character, personality and singular experiences that signify Opera Philadelphia's creative culture.

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