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University of Pennsylvania

Penn Hero

From one insight, everything.

Penn is synonymous with Philadelphia in more ways than one: a formidable brand family on par with the very foundation of the nation. The nation’s first hospital, first university and first business school.


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University of Pennsylvania Intro-Updated Karma Colors
Wharton Intro
Penn Wharton Brochure
Penn Wharton Collateral
Wharton Power Point Presentation
Penn Engineering
Penn Engineering Brochure Cover
University of Pennsylvania Engineering Brochure
Penn Engineering Student Brochure
Penn Engineering Site
Penn Vet
University of Pennsylvania Vet Brochure
Penn Vet Brochure
Penn Vet Banner Ad
University of Pennsylvania Vet Direct Mailer
Penn Medicine
Penn Ads w/ Background
Penn Medicine Cancer Ads
Penn Medicine Carrots Ad
Penn Medicine Digital Collateral
Penn Medicine Print Collateral