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Acquisitions, divestitures and mergers create moments in time for companies that either generate great opportunity or inadvertently open up vulnerabilities. So when a global chemical leader announced the divestiture of one of its business platforms, all stakeholder eyeballs were glued to the transaction.

Our task was a tall one: transform and repackage a diversified business dependent on its deep competencies and well-earned industry reputation into a new, independent, specialized version of itself. All while keeping both the marketplace and stakeholders informed about and enthused by this transition. And get it done in under five weeks.

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PeroxyChem launch notes

A steady stream of thoughtful internal communications solidified a healthy and productive culture throughout the transition. Employees learned progressively about transaction details and the strong financial backing for the deal, stabilizing a high-value work force and building belief in the vision for Peroxychem. Likewise, we reached customer and suppliers throughout the transition, ensuring seamless handoffs and promising the same commitment and quality they had relied on for years.

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We also helped to establish the new Peroxychem brand by applying a new visual identity across a full suite of business communications. Every single essential tool was in place, in every office and plant around the world, by launch day.

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PeroxyChem 4 set
PeroxyChem 4 set
PeroxyChem 4 set
PeroxyChem 4 set
PeroxyChem website

When the doors opened on Peroxychem's offices and plants worldwide, so did the worldwide web. A new, dynamic and responsively designed site replaced complexity with sound science and the perfect navigation to match user flow.

Both the business news and chemical trade news followed the PeroxyChem company announcement. With considerable press coverage–including an interview with the PeroxyChem CEO in top-tier trade publication Chemical Week, PeroxyChem was on its way to establishing a global presence. 

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