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Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau


You got your cheesesteaks, your wooder ice, your Iggles: that’s the bumper-sticker version of our city. But when Karma got the opportunity to brand our beloved hometown for the PHLCVB in the spring of 2017, we went right for the gut: connecting the soul of our pioneering forefathers to the modern sense of can-do. And frankly, that’s what Philadelphia’s all about. 


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Meeting planners, event attendees and overseas visitors alike require one thing from travel: indelible experiences. Whether it’s finding valuable connections or finding hummus like you read about, Philadelphia charms its newcomers with blunt candor: a lesson learned about 250 years ago on these cobbled streets. What better way to surprise, than presenting our unvarnished selves, ready, worldly and delightfully frank?

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A city of straight talkers, can-doers, know-how’ers and whiz-wit’ers. Unapologetically candid about everything from event bid estimates and event details to the best way to get to the stadium.


Possessed of high city-IQ and low city-snobbery, our salt-of-the-earth demeanor expects that facts speak for themselves and don’t need adornment to be convincing. We neither sugarcoat a flaw nor gild the lily. What can be said in two words, the copy says in one.

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As true for tourists as it is for meeting planners, both the PHLCVB and the Pennsylvania Convention Center deliver what Philadelphia woos: entrepreneurial, hip, uber-connected, authentic experiences. The kind the best stories are made of.

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