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Barnes Hero

Dr. Albert Barnes: physician, art collector, educator and noble opponent of The Man. His impressionist, post-impressionist and early modern art is among the most revered and anti-establishment private collections in the world. This is evident immediately upon viewing his ensembles, the floor-to-ceiling, masterpiece-next-to-folk art, metalwork-near-the-oils arrangement you’ll never see anywhere else. This finger in the eye of the proper art world feels particularly authentic in a city like Philadelphia and we couldn’t wait to make some hay out of it.


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Barnes Brand Art

Our charge: build awareness and repeat visitation. So we took this curious ensemble–already lionized in the brand’s impeccable logo­–as our invitational lens to see the world anew out there by seeing the curiosities in here.

Barnes Posters 1
Barnes Quote 1
Barnes Posters 2
Barnes Billboard
Muse Awards

Throughout the 215 area, passersby enjoyed a Barnes painting–fit within the thickly bordered symmetry of frames–overtop a cleverly synced city scene. And then another and another along their commutes and on their screens. For the permanent collection, special exhibitions, classes or programs, the pairings speak to the draw of seeing the Barnes again and again, while the hashtag encouraged engagement and infinite interpretations. Just as Dr. Barnes would have wanted.

Barnes Septa Panel

The effect is so inspiring, it begs for a return visit, if only to develop a fresh new lens.

Look Again
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