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Believe it or not, not everyone in Philadelphia listens to WHYY. We know, wha?

Our town’s local NPR station–long on reputation with the learned elite (Curious reporting! Seasoned hosts! Terry Gross!)–needed a bit of a nudge. So we launched an awareness campaign aimed beyond name recognition and straight for a motivated relationship with our kind of listeners: those who have questions, want answers, care about the other side of the argument and like being the smartest guys at the water cooler.

The proposition? GET MORE INTERESTING. A comment on the unmatched smorgasbord of content as much as a comment on the consumer who has such an appetite, Get More Interesting is a campaign platform for the frankly curious.

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WHYY billboard and tshirt
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Transit buys play off the boredom of a daily commute, thereby making even more relevant the companionability of smart WHYY content.

WHYY busback
WHYY 2sheets
WHYY transit

Another audience altogether is the avid membership, and we counted on their evangelical relationship with WHYY (and their Volvos) to spread the word.

Car decal/direct mailer